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‘Human Respect Award’ for Elif

Elif is honoured with’s ‘Human Respect Award’ yet once again, proving the importance and value of human resources for Elif. In accordance with the objectives of sustainable growth, Elif believes that its employees are the most valuable asset of the company when aiming to achieve better sustainable growth and development.  

The ‘Human Respect Award’ was submitted to Elif during the Human Resources Summit held on 13th February 2013, Wednesday, at Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 12thHuman Resources Summit and Award Ceremony were organised by, one of Turkey’s leading human resources platforms. Elif is proud to have received one of the most prestigious awards in human resources management sector in Turkey.

Deemed worthy for the ‘Respect for Human’ award, which evaluates the prompt and high response rate of organisations to the job applications made, Elif believes that being as attentive to potential employees as the current ones during the evaluation process is a sign of high quality as well as Elif’s expression of the value it attaches to human beings. Embracing the principle of equal opportunity in the selection process, Elif continues to be the choice of candidates as a result of its response policy for applications.

Having made itself a distinguished name with its investments and international achievements for sustainability, Elif has exhibited that it is one step ahead within the sector with regards to not only the quality of products and services it offers but also with the value it attaches to human beings. Having signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2012, Elif adheres to the principles of this initiative in all of its processes regarding corporate practices as well as those regarding human resources and confidently continues to forge ahead towards its sustainable excellence target.