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Huge Support from Elif to the ‘Small Steps for the Future Workshop’

 Elif has become the technology sponsor of "Small Steps to the Future Workshop”, implemented by the Sancaktepe Ibni Sina Primary School as part of the “Enlightened Classes Project" organised under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.

"Enlightened Classes - Small Steps to the Future Workshop" project became alive with the sponsorship of Elif in the technology field. The project is designed to uncover the potential of children who represent the future of Trukey, from arts to sports and from science to culture and broadening their minds in various disciplines. Elif provided technological requirements of the project in its first year and aims to take an active role in project’s promotion in the future.

"Enlightened Classes - Small Steps to the Future Workshop" aims to grow a new generation with different perspectives in life, science, technology and art. The classes of the workshop are organised in well-equipped classrooms by volunteer teachers of Sancaktepe Ibni Sina Primary School, which has approximately 2,000 students.

The project aims to reveal existing potential of students despite the differences in their socio-economic and educational levels within the framework of a special program which applies special education contents and special methods. These contents and methods are developed precisely with the intention for students to develop a strong personality, to notice science as a reorienting fact in their lives as well as a part of it, to comprehend art’s originality and its contribution to life, to improve their artistic creativity and to make them bring practical and creative solutions to problems.

Providing 13 laptops, 24 digital cameras and annual subscriptions for juvenile scientific and artistic publications to the workshop, Elif plans to enrich the project with activities that support the disciplines covered and create resource for expansion of the project in the upcoming years. Being the technology sponsor of a project aiming to educate individuals to become aware of their abilities and interests, to target for the future, to be self-confident, creative and solution-oriented, to question and comment on others’ ideas and to emit their opinions, Elif, has added another successful project to its achievements taking the society yet another step forward.