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Golden award for innovation at flexo printing technology!

Elif wins golden award in Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2013 with its snack packaging produced with the latest packaging technologies and techniques.

The award ceremony of the 4thCrescents and Stars of Packaging Competition was organised by Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association on 2nd September 2013 and held at Istanbul Four Seasons Hotel. More than 200 entries in 12 categories have been made for the national packaging design competition which is accredited by the World Packaging Organisation. Elif Snack Packaging is honoured with a golden award thanks to its features meeting expectations of brand owners in all aspects with its material structure, printing technique/technology and quality leveraging its graphic design.

The material structure of the awarded packaging provides optimum protection of its ingredient(s) while highlighting the graphic design. With the pre-print preparation ensuring unique transfer of live, bright and intensive colours, and the printing technique and technology giving a third dimension to the graphic design and shape of the packaging enabling stand-up display on the point of sale differentiates the product from its counterparts on the shelves. Being the pioneering company that has used the high definition printing technology for the very first time around the world, Elif provides not only cost efficiency but also flexibility for its customers with the successful flexo printing applications and the use of material structure of the packaging while introducing an innovative and differentiating product.

The innovative product produced by Elif for the food sector, with specific reference to the confectionery, edible nuts and snacks sectors, offers an optimum combination of packaging features for brand owners. Elif Snack Packaging draws attention with its quality and design, which raises the quality perception of the brand, as well as its high-performance barrier and lamination properties. The packaging guarantees a long shelf life, excellent oxygen and moisture barrier, vitamin and flavour preservation while providing a user-friendly disposal, a more sustainable production and an advertising area enabling eye-catching brand appearance with high quality printing.

Elif aims to continuously raise the quality standards in the flexible packaging sector and serve tailor-made solutions to its customers with 360˚ Tangible Excellence through closely monitoring new innovations in technology and techniques, fast adoption of new solutions with state-of-the-art printing machines, its wide and reputable experience in flexo printing and the contribution of its R&D studies.