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Elif’s Sustainable and Convenient Products are awarded

In Turkish Packaging Design National Competition "Crescents and Stars of Packaging 2011", İpek Kağıt gained two awards with Selpak Toilet Paper Biodegradable Packaging and Selpak Paper Towel Easy Open & Easy Close Pack developed and produced by Elif. A hat trick for İpek Kağıt and Elif!

The award-winning packagings were developed and manufactured by Elif. Selpak Bathroom Tissue-Bio-Degradable Polyethylene Packaging, which has very low environmental effects, is the first and the most unique application in Tissue Industry in Turkey. Selpak Paper Kitchen Towel Easy Open – Close Packaging and Seal and Store Sticker is also the first and the most unique application in tissue industry in Turkey. Packs can easily be opened from perforation and closed with seal and store sticker enabling the rolls inside to remain hygienic till the end.

Elif is proud of Elif's Research & Development Centre that works together with customers to improve their products and develop new products that will add value to their business. Research and Development opportunities offered by Elif’s experienced team support its customers who are planning to launch a new product or those who want to develop new packaging for an existing product. Elif’s Research & Development team targets to provide packaging solutions that will increase the performance of its customers’ products and take their assets a step ahead.

Elif is continuously seeking for new materials, techniques and technologies that will enable it to be the leader in adopting and developing new solutions for its solution portfolio to be able to offer advanced products and solutions for the packaging needs of its customers. With this innovative approach, Elif aims to provide the best solution available for its customers with its expert team and state-of-the-art equipment.

Elif acts responsibly towards the environment and society and promotes productive and cost saving methods as well as technology in its business activities. While the main role of the packaging remains to protect the product, it also serves for informing and performing for functional purposes. Sustainability of packaging is dependent on all of these three functions of packaging.