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Elif’s printing excellence is awarded

Elif’s flexo printing quality has proved its competency, with an excellent print on Iglo (Bird’s Eye) Gourmet Shrimp packaging, with an award in the Turkish Packaging Design National Competition ‘Crescents and Stars of Packaging 2012’ flexible packaging category.

 Elif, has been awarded at the Turkish Packaging Design National Competition ‘Crescents and Stars of Packaging’ with its flexo printing technique with regards to both technique and graphic design capability thanks to its unique transform of vibrant colours on film achieved by special pre-press preparations and high-resolution print quality.

 Elif believes successful packaging not only has to protect its contents but also has to stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers as part of the brand experience by distinguishing visual and physical properties. Iglo (Bird’s Eye) Gourmet Shrimp packaging visuals, supporting ‘natural, additive-free and fresh’ brand perception of Iglo’s (Bird’s Eye) brand essence, carry a key role in highlighting product quality, differentiating the product from competitors on the shelves, and drive purchase intention for consumers.

 Elif is highly regarded for its extensive experience in flexo printing technology, thanks to closely monitoring of new innovations in technology and techniques, fast adoption and development of these new solutions and its state-of-the-art printing machines. Elif aims to serve 360˚ Tangible Excellence by providing customised solutions with its “always” better service quality approach for its customers.