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“ElifFine”; Elif’s new packaging solution with its environmentally friendly structure, unique formulation and paper-like texture!

In line with its sustainable principles, Elif continues to invest in the future by supporting projects which add value to humanity and especially to next generations. Elif creates a difference with its approach of “Packaging for Life” and its innovative packaging solutions. Working ceaselessly with the purpose of creating useful solutions for “humanity” and the “environment”, the reasons of Elif’s being, Elif presents a new alternative for customers who seek environmentally friendly solutions with the eco packaging solution “ElifFine”, which has been developed as a result of intensive R&D studies.

Planning all its projects in accordance with the minimum utilisation of natural resources ever since its establishment, Elif not only presents its customers a large environmentalist portfolio with environmentally friendly solutions to which a new one is added each day, but it also brings innovations directed at improving current materials. ElifFine, Elif’s natural material based environmentally friendly product, provides stiffness, high strength and tearing resistance by combining the humidity and gas barrier properties of plastic films with the natural texture of paper through its unique formulation. It is also worth mentioning that no trees are cut during ElifFine manufacturing process. Having a light structure due to its mineral filling and lamination-free barrier properties, ElifFine does not contain any solvent-based bonding chemicals for it is not subjected to a lamination process and it presents recycling independence in comparison to traditional laminated films.

Concentrating on projects in this area parallel to the deep interest received for ElifCare, the bio-degradable packaging solution presented to customers last year, Elif has developed ElifFine, the differentiating and environmentally friendly packaging solution through intensive research and development studies. ElifFine offers trademark owners and their consumers an opportunity to experience a tactual paper-like feeling as well as the chance to differentiate their products in terms of sustainability with its environmentally friendly light structure.

Manufacturing “Packaging for Life”, acting with the vision of a sustainable future and respecting and valuing the environment and humanity, Elif will further continue to put into practice projects that contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of the environment and human life as included in this vision and invest towards a sustainable future.