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Elif’s new face is alive on

Successfully implementing projects in the name of globalisation in its 40th year, Elif has launched its new web site equipped with recent information technologies and a completely new design. Elif’s new web page stands out with its functionality, ease of access to the desired information, simple content and unique design.

After taking big steps forward in the name of globalisation in recent years, Elif aims to support its determination in overseas investments and projects also in 2012 with intense and powerful activities. Continuing its quality-focused sustainable growth by entering new markets and sectors, Elif also aims to improve its positive contribution to the sector by communicating stronger to its customers and all other business partners with its new web site. 

Prepared with the support of the creative technology agency Dreambox, offers easy access to the information thanks to contents categorised according to the needs of the companies and organisations interested in the flexible packaging sector. Users, who visit the site, can have extensive and comprehensive information about flexible packaging solutions and their features according to the sector they have been involved or product category.

Carrying its quality understanding of products and services to the virtual environment, Elif demonstrates its new communication vision with its new web page, which was developed over more than five months. The new provides informative and entertaining content not only for users looking for information about the company and its products, but also for users who want to obtain detailed information about the flexible packaging industry and sustainability. Detailed information about Elif’s quality and sustainability approach and projects achieved for that purpose is also presented on the web site.

With specially prepared sections providing easy access to press releases, news and corporate visuals, Elif aims to provide convenience for press members that are looking for information on Elif. Elif’s new web site also provides a special section for human resources applications, providing online tracking for open positions and easy online application for candidates who want to join its team.