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Elif’s 3D Holographic Printing Technology has created a wind of innovation in Pack-Ist 2015!

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging sector, aiming to offer the best solutions to its customers with its innovative approach, professional team and the latest technological equipment, has made its mark on PACK-IST, the first and only flexible Packaging Fair of Eurasia organised for the 3rd time this year.

Elif, which has been the centre of attention of visitors and participants in the exhibition held in Istanbul Fair Centre on April 2nd-5th, 2015, has welcomed a large number of visitors from the food & beverage, personal care and retail industries to whom the latest technology packaging solutions and production methods were introduced.

Elif, the leading organisation of the flexible packaging sector, has introduced 3D holographic printing technology to the trademark owners intending to differentiate their products. This privileged concept of technology and packaging was introduced to customers at PACK-IST 2015 for the first time and it particularly attracted attention from the FMCG sector. The concept has become the centre of attention for customers from all sectors – from food to personal care sectors and from cleaning supplies to pet care sectors.

Elif’s new packaging solution helps its customers create a distinguished brand perception with both its visual effects that strengthen the package graphic design and its three-dimensional live visual quality that moves the consumers’ senses as well as presenting the possibility of brand verification against falsification by holographic printing. Elif’s new technology relatively reduces the cost in emerging products in proportion to the current holographic and three-dimensional printing systems and it additionally brings along cold foil printing effects and the possibility of UV application. In contrast to traditional high cost holographic and three-dimensional prints, it provides opportunity for recycling without any requirement for metal infrastructure.

Contributing to the business success of its customers worldwide by offering products and services of high quality as well as innovative packaging solutions, Elif, based on its “Packaging for Life” mission that aims to always be one step ahead of expectations, will continue to actively participate in the main fairs of the flexible packaging sector with the aim of developing new business partnerships and maintaining and improving the existing ones.