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ElifNatty, Winner on Onboard Hospitality Awards 2021!

ElifNatty, a compostable packaging solution received the prize on Onboard Hospitality Awards 2021 in the “Best for Onboard Sustainability” category.

Elif innovated a packaging film solution to support the circular economy approach of one of the leading airline companies in the world, Turkish Airlines. Our customer required tailor-made and environmentally friendly packaging for blankets and headphones and other products that are served to passengers during the flights.

Elif’s tailor-made packaging is a compostable film that belongs to Elif’ Sustainable Eco Solutions range with the brand name of ElifNatty. It includes various innovative bioplastic that is obtained from renewable resources. Elif uses only the plant components mainly from corn starch that are based on responsible material management.

ElifNatty combines environmental conditions with those of agriculture and industry requirements. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources and is certificated as 100 percent biodegradable and compostable by TÜV Austria, including the European Standard EN 13432, and is 90 percent decomposed in the earth within 180 days.

ElifNatty has a GMO-Free certificate, contains GMO-Free starch, a biodegradable polymer, and other renewable resources, and has excellent stability and processability compared to traditional polymers, with high resistance and toughness.

It also can include up to 10 percent of regenerated material in the second life of films without changing the properties.

Elif is proud to partner with its customers to innovate for their sustainable success.


About ElifNatty: