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ElifCare, future of sustainable packaging!

Elif offers a new bio-degradable flexible packaging material for brand owners with its patented ElifCare bio-degradable solution.

Elif’s new patented innovative packaging solution provides more sustainability by considering environmental impacts during manufacture, use and disposal of product packages while ensuring optimum performance in protecting the product. ElifCare is differentiated from other eco-friendly packaging solutions with its stable optical and mechanical properties and applicability for all packaging purposes both printed and unprinted. Elif’s well designed packaging solution ElifCare brings significant benefits; particularly avoiding waste of the product itself e.g. keeping food fresher for longer as well as reducing their environmental impact and ecological footprint. As well as biodegradability and compostability, ElifCare is designed for high quality printing, capturing the finest details of the design which is the biggest challenge when printing a detailed, realistic and vivid graphic.


ElifCare is Elif’s patented bio-degradable packaging solution with enhanced biodegradation properties such as:

  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Diverse area of use for all printed-unprinted flexible packaging solutions
  • No change in optical and mechanical properties of the material
  • Standard test methods
  • No heavy metal residue left in soil
  • Provides hygienic usage for packaging of food & beverages


Sustainable packaging will continue to be a key area of development for brands looking to not only improve their image with consumers, but it will also provide a better product experience and, ultimately, improve the bottom line. Elif beliefs that the future of sustainable packaging should not only be about becoming more efficient and sustainable, but it should also be about helping global consumers lead a life that is more convenient and aspirational, but with a limited impact on the environment. Elif’s goal is to create attractive, well presented packaging with the least possible environmental impact and Elif passionately works towards achieving this.