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Elif will increase energy efficiency by 30% with Atlas Copco

Elif will increase energy efficiency by 30% with Atlas Copco

Supplying products to more than 200 production facilities in over 50 countries with its production facilities in Istanbul and Cairo, Elif will increase energy efficiency by nearly 30 percent with its cooperation with Atlas Copco Compressor Technique. Stating that Elif is among the global leaders of the flexible packaging industry with around 1,600 employees, Utility Manager Ayhan Yüksel said, “We are preferred by the world's leading brands. Our goal to develop 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging solutions for consumer products in Europe by 2025.”

Claiming that they use the most innovative products and solutions in their production facilities in order not to interrupt the production, Yüksel said the following regarding their cooperation with Atlas Copco Compressor Technique in this context:

“As a production company, our top priority is to ensure that our production is sustainable and uninterrupted. We have been working with Atlas Copco for 17 years and our production has never been interrupted by compressors and dryers. Meanwhile, we also experienced the constantly developing compressed air technology. Qualified personnel, who have been working in Atlas Copco Compressor Technique for many years, take care of our machine line in our processes where personnel experience is of high importance.”

28 percent state support

Pointing out that the sensitivity of energy efficiency has increased recently, Yüksel underlined that this issue has been an important part of the corporate culture of Elif for more than 20 years. Talking about the energy efficiency project they carried out with Atlas Copco, Yüksel said, “With the project, we have executed, we switched from the existing screw compressor technology to the turbo compressor technology to increase energy efficiency. We covered 28 percent of the project cost with state support. We will also save up to 30 percent of electrical energy, over 1600MW per year," he said.


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Source: Dünya Gazetesi, İstanbul, 02.06.2021,


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