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Elif was on stage at ÇEVKO Green Dot Award Dinner

Elif took its place on stage again with their future-oriented projects, which are conducted under sustainability, environmental protection and waste management issues, at the Night for ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards.

The "Industrial Green Dot Awards" ceremony, organised by ÇEVKO Foundation for the first time in Turkey with the aim of supporting and encouraging the enterprises to take over more responsibility for a sustainable life, was held at the Marmara Hotel on the night of 18th June. Since its establishment in 1972, Elif has always been aware of its responsibility towards the environment and society in all of the work processes and activities; has used more productive and more efficient methods and technologies; has constantly evolved and took her place on the stage as the only member of the flexible packaging sector.

In order to achieve a more efficient energy management and ISO 500001 energy management system standards, Elif continually implements new systems, technologies and applications in different scales. Through the large scaled compressor, which was started up first in the year 2012, Elif has reduced CO2 emissions in the first year of the heat recovery project to 330 tons and thanks to this successful outcome Elif will have contributed equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

To create long-term values for sustainability, Elif steadily follows its performance and plans all of its projects with the aim of minimum use of natural resources. Elif offers its customers a wider portfolio of environmentally friendly packaging materials and provides solutions to eliminate the disadvantages of existing packaging materials so that customers change their packaging materials accordingly.

Eliminating direct waste dump into nature through the enabling of high level waste recyclability and/or reusability by certified organisations, Elif has been qualified to be certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in parallel with its sustainable growth strategy as well as becoming the first packaging company to be awarded the modified Environmental Permit in the EU harmonisation process. Elif improves its business processes in accordance with the vision of a sustainable future and is aware of its responsibility for guaranteeing the free development and growth of future generations.

Thanks to this approach, sharing the same stage with its market-leading customers at the night for ÇEVKO "Green Dot Awards", Elif is proud to have the same vision with their customers and suppliers for a sustainable future.