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Elif unveils “Packaging for Life” at Eurasia Packaging 2014

Between 18th and 21st September 2014, Elif welcomed its visitors at Eurasia Packaging 2014 in Istanbul, the international packaging event connecting continents.

At the show where Elif announced its new benchmark flexible packaging facility in North Africa, Elif also unveiled “Packaging for Life”: a unique approach in the packaging industry that puts life at the heart of packaging.

Our packaging reaches millions of people

all around the world every day,

helping create a happier and healthier life.

We exist for People in every sphere of life.

Our business is Packaging for Life.

From the first day of its establishment, Elif has always acted with the awareness of its packaging materials’ main purpose: serving for People in every sphere of life. When you are having fun with your friends, when you are taking care of your baby, when you are sharing your time with your child, when you are away from the city for a piece of freedom, our packaging solutions are always there to serve you with what you need, for your happiness and health, every day across the world. We produce packaging for earth, for friendship, for love and for senses. We produce packaging for life.

At the show, Elif showcased its latest packaging innovations addressing your and your consumers’ trends and demands, shared high-performance and eco-efficient solutions highlighting savings, presented its new patented environmentally friendly packaging solution, and highlighted its expertise and innovative approach in flexible printing, offering solutions for customers looking for high quality printing.