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Elif ‘has turned the lights to enlighten the future’!

Elif, once again supported the Earth Hour movement, the world’s biggest environmental movement, by turning off its lights this year, on the last day of March, Saturday at the stroke of 20:30.

Just like previous years, Elif, one of the pioneers of the Earth Hour movement in Turkey, turned its lights off on March 28th within the scope of its sensitivity to environmental problems and struggle with climate change. Elif is very happy with the current situation reached all over the world by this environmental movement.

Earth Hour action, which started in March, 2007 in Sydney city for the first time under the leadership of World Wide Fund for Nature and became a global movement in 2008, is now the biggest environmental movement of the world and draws attention to the issue of climate change each year. Supported by numerous environmentalist people and organisations, creating an effect capable to turn climate change upside down and increasing awareness on this matter are targeted with this campaign. The campaign, where lights are turned off for an hour, is aimed at raising awareness of the issues our world currently faces such as climate change, depletion of water resources, and loss of biological diversity.

Elif, adopting it as a principle to value and respect humans and environment and produce “Packaging for Life”, keeps on making a name for itself with its long term, sustainability-oriented projects. Planning all its projects in accordance with the utilisation of minimum natural resources, Elif not only offers its customers a large environmental portfolio with its nature-friendly packaging solutions to which a new one is added each day, but it also brings along innovations intended for the improvement of existing materials.

Eliminating direct waste dump into nature through the enabling of high level waste recyclability and/or reusability by certified organisations, Elif has been qualified to be certified with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in parallel with its sustainable growth strategy as well as becoming the first packaging company to be awarded the modified Environmental Permit in the EU harmonisation process.

Acting with the vision of a sustainable future, Elif will continue to take part in organisations that contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of the environment and human life whilst supporting environmental movements by arranging new organisations.