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Elif takes its place in the ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards Ceremony

Elif was on stage to receive its award in the ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards Ceremony with its leading projects carried out under the titles of sustainability, environment and waste management.

“Green Dot Industry Awards”, organised by ÇEVKO Foundation for the second time in Turkey that aims to encourage business organisations to take responsibility for a sustainable life have been submitted to their owners at a ceremony organised in Wyndham Grand Hotel on the 15th of December. Elif has taken its place on the stage, participating in the Green Dot Awards with its project of “Succeed More with Less” in the category of “Prevention Applications Reducing Resources in Packaging Design”.

In our current situation where all kinds of raw materials, energy and natural resources are scarce and more valuable than ever before, Elif is aware that reducing raw materials, energy, water, storage, logistics and other resources when designing packaging at the production phase – without sacrificing consumer appreciation and comfort – can offer multiple social, environmental and economic benefits. With this vision, Elif has been working on projects that minimise the utilisation of natural resources whilst increasing the performance of packaging for years. Gathering these studies under a single roof with its project of “Succeed More with Less”, Elif has drawn attention in the award ceremony with its ElifFine and ElifCare products that were launched in 2015.

Increasing the performance of packaging materials in the category of hygiene, detergent and paper products and reducing their thickness at a rate of on average 40% in its studies over the last 25 years, Elif has achieved an equal amount of savings in energy consumption, an increase in productivity rate, a decrease in waste and wastage rates, a decrease in logistic and resource consumption and a reduction in the utilisation of natural resources. Continuing with these studies to fulfil its responsibility towards the environment, Elif continues to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction by effecting its customers’ business performances more positively with its packaging solutions that attach particular importance to quality and productivity. 

Continuing its studies in order to “Succeed More with Less”, Elif not only presents a large environmentalist portfolio to its customers with its eco-friendly packaging solutions, to which a new one is added each day as per the principle of “Packaging for Life”, but it also brings innovations to improve current materials. ElifFine, Elif’s natural mineral based eco-friendly product, provides stiffness, high strength and tearing resistance by combining the humidity and gas barrier properties of plastic films with the natural texture of paper through its unique formulation. ElifFine, which is light-bodied owing to its mineral fill and barrier characteristics not requiring any lamination, presents freedom of recycling in comparison with traditional laminated films and does not contain any solvent-based adhesion chemicals for it is not subjected to any lamination process.

As for ElifCare, Elif’s other patented eco-friendly product, it assists in reducing ecological foot prints and contributing even more to sustainability during production, recycling and dissolution phases with its bio-soluble structure. With its limitless shelf-life, ElifCare is recyclable together with other packaging materials of similar structure. Suffering no deformation in the course of its utilisation, ElifCare starts to dissolve after its utilisation and thus removes the biggest barrier before bio-soluble packages. ElifCare provides advantages for high quality printings owing to its physical and optical characteristics as well and presents a physical structure appropriate for all product - printed or unprinted - packaging applications.

Continuing its D&R studies within the framework of “Packaging for Life” approach, Elif works unceasingly towards leaving a healthy future to next generations through its projects, technological studies and systems aimed at reducing the utilisation of natural resources. Sharing the same stage with its customers who are the leaders of their sectors in the ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards organisation, Elif has justified pride in having the same vision as its customers and suppliers for a sustainable future together.