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Elif scores an A on the BRC/IoP accreditation 7 years in a row!

Once again, this year, Elif has earned the Class A certificate in BRC/IoP Global Technical Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, which is the proof of its constant investments aimed at comprehensive quality and hygiene management!

Being a global manufacturer and setting an example worldwide in the flexible packaging business, Elif has earned, once again for the 7th time, the class A certificate by obtaining the full score in “BRC Standard” audits, which includes the aspects related to Consumer Products, Packaging & Packaging Materials, Storing & Distribution, and provides the supply chain certification by creating the entourage of product safety standards.

The food and beverage category, that has risen to prominence with its share of over 25% among industries in which Elif provides service, is followed by the personal care, hygiene and home care categories. Elif, being the owner of many certificates and awards acknowledged worldwide with its many system and quality standards it has maintained over the years, provides service to internationally leading brands with these said competencies.

Elif continues to reinforce its pioneer stance in flexible packaging solutions with the company’s innovative products, unique service mentality, manufacturing plants that set an example worldwide, business partners and employees, all of which are what lies beneath its success.

The BRC/IoP certification, provided by independent and authorised organisations, has been given to Elif at the end of a two-day audit by SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) as a proof of its consistent and continuous quality and safety policies. Elif showed an outstanding success with a Class A level score following the audit carried out by SGS, which has earned respect with its quality and honesty in the fields of auditing, observing, verification, testing and certification.

Working unceasingly in order to manufacture “Packaging for Life”, fully aware of its ideal and cultural wealth, source diversity, its irreplaceable value honesty, and its responsibilities for creating value and with its leadership spirit, Elif aims to strengthen its brand perception with new projects as it increasingly continues its success as per these values, as a leader that creates values and one that is encouraged by diversity. Elif will always continue to aim for “the best” for the society as well as for the environment also in the future with its “Packaging for Life” ideology, and with the synergy and dynamism it has created.