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Elif helps gain the benefits of 10,000 trees to Earth

The first large-scaled compressor heat recovery project, implemented in March 2012 by Elif, has resulted in 330 tons reduction in CO2 emissions in its first year. Based on the achievement of these successful results, Elif will have contributed equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

Elif is continuously implementing new systems, technologies and practices in different scales in order to achieve a more effective energy management and reach the ‘ISO 50001 Energy Management System’ standards. Having put into effect numerous sustainable practices in order to minimise energy consumption, Elif implemented world’s first ever large-scaled compressor heat recovery project in 2012. With the accomplished new heat recovery project, Elif started to recover the heat rejected by the compressors used in its global benchmark production facility in Istanbul and reuse this energy in the production cycle again.  The project was the first ever large-scaled heat recovery project not only in Turkey but also around the world. Implemented with the support of and in cooperation with Atlas Copco, this benchmark energy recovery project integrates the state-of-the-art heat recovery units to Elif’s current compressor systems. The new system provides reduction in the total energy consumption of the production facility by recovering the heat rejected by the compressors and reusing this energy in the production cycle again.

As an outcome of the project, all economic factors considered, Elif deactivated one of the existing hot water boiler systems resulting in the shortening of the return time of capital investment made for this project under 1 year. According to the first-year results of the project, the newly implemented system provided a 30% energy saving from March 2012 to March 2013 compared to the previous year. With this pioneering and benchmark project, Elif reduced CO2 emissions by 330 tons per year. According to these results, each year, Elif contributes equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

This project is seen as a big step in Elif’s sustainable practices towards ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Since its establishment in 1972, Elif has successfully accomplished projects for that purpose, and has acted responsibly towards the environment and the society, has promoted productive as well as cost saving methods and technology and continues to develop its business activities based on this approach. Monitoring its sustainability management performance in order to create long term value for sustainability, Elif designs all of its projects with the objective of minimum utilisation of natural resources.

Approved by Atlas Copco, the supplier of the instruments used in the project, the compressor heat recovery system, implemented by Elif for a more sustainable future, stands as the first heat recovery project realised in that scale. The successful results achieved by this global benchmark project are issued as a case study by Atlas Copco with the aim of becoming a pioneer for the other organisations within the industry. Elif believes that this exemplary project of sustainability will be an inspiration for other organisations within the sector and encourage them to engage in similar projects that will increasingly provide environmental benefits.

Elif is proud of pioneering such a successful system on a global platform. Developing its business activities in order to promote productive, sustainable and cost saving methods and technologies, Elif stands out with the value it creates for the environment and the society as well as with its commitment to sustainable development. Sustainable practices are an integral part of Elif’s corporate culture and, therefore, Elif will continue to invest in new initiatives and projects in the field of sustainable development.