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Elif returns with 4 awards from the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition!

Elif makes its mark on the stage with 4 awards in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition organised for the 6th time this year by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD)!

Elif has exhibited its difference yet again with its innovative packaging solutions in the award ceremony organised by the Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) in Shangri-La Bosphorus İstanbul on December 8th, 2015. Making its mark on the award ceremony with its packaging solutions, which are the first of their kinds not only in Turkey but also throughout the world, Elif has been presented with the golden award in the categories of food and flexible packaging with its ElifFine natural texture eco-packaging solutions and ElifHolo 3D printing technologies as well as being presented with the bronze award in the same categories with its ElifCare bio-soluble packaging, soluble at the end of utilisation, and ElifHolo holographic printing technology.

Exhibiting its difference with its leadership in innovations and technology, Elif not only presents its clients a large environmentalist portfolio with its environmentally friendly solutions to which a new one is added each day as per Elif’s principle of “Packaging for Life”, but it also brings innovations directed to improving current materials.

ElifFine, Elif’s natural mineral based eco-friendly product, provides stiffness, high strength and tearing resistance by combining the humidity and gas barrier properties of plastic films with the natural texture of paper through its unique formulation. It is also worth mentioning that no trees are cut during ElifFine manufacturing process. With its light-bodied structure, owing to its mineral fill and barrier characteristics not requiring any lamination, ElifFine presents freedom of recycling in comparison with traditional laminated films and does not contain any solvent-based adhesion chemicals for it is not subjected to any lamination process.

As for ElifCare, Elif’s other patented eco-friendly product, it assists in reducing ecological foot prints and contributing even more to sustainability during production, recycling and dissolution phases with its bio-soluble structure. With its limitless shelf-life, ElifCare is recyclable together with other packaging materials of similar structure. Suffering no deformation in the course of its utilisation, ElifCare starts to dissolve after its utilisation and thus removes the biggest barrier before bio-soluble packages. ElifCare provides advantages for high quality printings owing to its physical and optical characteristics as well and presents a physical structure appropriate for all product - printed or unprinted - packaging applications.

Introduced to trademark owners, who intend to differentiate their products, ElifHolo has particularly attracted the attention of the FMCG sector with its 3D holographic printing technology as well as its ability to offer full and partial applications. ElifHolo does not only assist clients with creating a distinguished brand perception with its visual effects that strengthen the package graphic design, and its three-dimensional live visual quality that moves the consumers’ senses, but it also presents a mark verification opportunity with its holographic printing against forgery. Elif’s new technology not only considerably reduces costs as opposed to current holographic and three-dimensional printing systems, but it also offers the opportunity of UV application and cold foil printing effect. Contrary to traditional high cost holographic and three-dimensioned prints, EifHolo does not require any metal substructure and thus provides opportunity for the recycling of the package.

Aiming to offer the best solutions for its customers through the development of its portfolio and systems based on the close monitoring of new materials, techniques and technologies as well as its R&D studies undertaken with the purpose of offering solutions and improved products directed to its customers’ packaging needs with its innovative approach, professional team and equipment of the latest technologies, Elif, as it has always done, will further continue to improve its innovative studies and manufacture packaging that adds value to life with the aim of always reaching beyond expectations.