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Elif, registered as an “Environmentalist Facility”

Elif appears as the only representative of its sector at the “Environmentalist Facility Awards”

Aimed at encouraging model business organisations, the “Environmentalist Facility Awards”, commenced in 2013 with the initiative of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association that pioneers cities to create healthy environments, has been organised for the second time in Istanbul Hilton Hotel with participation of Mehmet Müezinoğlu, the Minister of Health, Kadir Topbaş, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, the Turkish Healthy Cities Association and Recep Altepe, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor.

Holding the “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate”, engaging in social responsibility projects with regards to the environment, having valid permission and license certifications, not being fined an environmental penalty for the past 2 years and possessing first class GSM licenses in metropolitans and provinces have all been considered when determining which facilities were to be awarded at the ceremony.

Acting responsibly towards the environment and the society in all its operations and activities since its establishment in 1972, and constantly developing itself and utilising productive and economical methods and technologies, Elif has gained its place as the sole member of flexible packaging sector. Elif has eliminated direct waste dump into nature through the enabling of high level waste recyclability and/or reusability by certified organisations. In parallel with its sustainable growth, Elif, qualified to obtain “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate” in 2007, has become the first packaging company to be awarded the modified Environmental Permit in the European Union harmonisation process.

Consistently monitoring its performance to create sustainability-oriented long-term values, Elif plans all its projects in line with the minimum utilisation of natural resources. Elif presents its customers with a larger portfolio of eco-friendly packages based on its studies on packaging materials and consistently improves current materials to encourage its customers towards changing their packaging materials.

Elif exhibits its success through the 2015 launch of ElifCare, the bio soluble packaging material that is soluble at the end of utilisation and ElifFine, the eco-friendly packaging material. Elif, having made itself a distinguished name through numerous projects including the wide scale compressor heat recovery project that was carried out within the scope of “NOsume Energy’ Energy Efficiency Program, the trigeneration project etc., continues to impress with its social responsibility projects focused on the environment and the society.

Fully identifying its activities with its brand and its “Packaging for Life” approach, which was integrated in 2014, Elif consistently continues to improve all processes in accordance with this vision of “Packaging for Life”. Appearing at the “Environmentalist Facility Awards” organisation as the only representative of its sector, Elif has crowned its ever-continuing activities towards a sustainable future yet once again.