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Elif receives Golden Award for its innovative solution providing ease of use

Balparmak “Fold it & Get the Honey” package, developed and manufactured by Elif, received golden award this year under the food category of the 5th Annual Packaging Crescents and Stars Competition which is organised by the Packaging Manufacturers Association.

Jury members of the Packaging Crescents and Stars evaluated each package registered in several categories for a total of 11 criteria, varying from production quality to their environmental awareness and authenticity of design. Finalists were awarded gold, silver, bronze and competence awards.

Elif, while following consumer trends closely in order to make it possible for its customers to offer new products which will add value to their trade operations and make a difference with their product packagings, advances its R&D operations in order to meet these trends. Outer film of the innovative package of Balparmak “Fold it & Get the Honey” developed and manufactured by Elif meets both visual and functional needs. Balparmak “Fold it & Get the Honey”, while providing ease of handling in different contexts such as at home, at school and at the office also gives flavour to tea, coffee and herbal teas not to mention meals.

Elif had started its efforts to develop a product in cooperation with Balparmak in order to provide the requested physical and functional features of this new product’s package which was offered for Balparmak customers last year.  Food contamination which may occur because of the intense sugar medium and high osmotic pressure inherent for honey is minimised with the special polyethylene film formulation designed by Elif R&D team. This special film makes it possible for a reliable process from the production to the consumption, with its polystyrene material component allowing for perfect binding at lower temperatures.

Balparmak “Fold it & Get the Honey” with its pine and flower honey options in 7g packages are offered to the customers in both single-use and 24 pieces packages namely Doypack with high printing and product quality of Elif.

Elif is always in pursuit of new materials, techniques and technologies in order to offer its customers the solutions and advanced products suitable for their packaging needs. Elif, with its innovative approach, intense R&D operations, specialised team and state-of-the-art equipment, aims to provide its customers with best solutions with its motto in mind: ‘Packaging for Life’.