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Elif Qualified to Have "R&D Center"!

Having attached great importance to R&D studies and technology acquisition since its establishment, Elif has been making a name for itself with its innovative packaging, constantly renewed production technologies, and R&D investments. As a result of all this hard work, Elif was entitled to receive the R&D Center Certificate from the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

Elif took the R&D Center Certificate from the Minister of Science, Industry, and Technology Mr. Mustafa Varank's hand at the 7th Technology Development Zones and R&D Centers Award Ceremony.

Elif develops its own portfolio and systems by closely following new materials, techniques, and technologies in addition to the R&D studies it continues to provide solutions and advanced products for the packaging needs of its customers. With this approach, Elif, the leader of its sector and the packaging solution partner of multinational brands in the global arena, makes a name for itself with prestigious awards in the fields of quality, sustainability and innovation.

The main goal of Elif R&D Center and all units established under it is to accept market researches and trends of the global packaging market as inputs and to guide innovation management, to ensure stable growth by technically regular, leading the market.

We are working to bring the best quality products to the market as quickly as possible by verifying the products developed within the laboratories in our R&D Center. We are working on the goal of presenting quality with high performance by realizing the modernization of the machine park with the motto of Industry 4.0, the latest trend of science, and artificial intelligence applications. The R&D center contributes to the goals of managing the Elif production facility with numerical data and developing methods.

Aiming to offer solutions that always target the “best”, Elif will continue expanding its R&D and innovation studies to create solutions with its innovative approach, expert team, and equipment with the latest technology in line with its vision of "Packaging for Life".