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Elif pioneers ‘Hybrid Game’!

Having become a symbol of distinction and quality within the flexible packaging industry, Elif, by adding a new ring to the chain of its innovations, has presented its customers with the hybrid printing technology ‘ElfHybr’, which aims to introduce and offer new and advanced products for the needs and demands of the evolving and developing packaging industry!

Elif's hybrid printing technology ElifHybr, using the electron beam curing system along with different printing technologies used by Elif, provides optimum quality and financial feasibility, a high market penetration rate and environmentally friendly manufacturing advantages to brand owners most particularly in the increasing competitive environment of fast-moving consumer goods and food industry in terms of increasing short-term projects due to the needs and demands of product differentiation and marketing.

ElifHybr provides a great advantage for customers who want to achieve significant advantage over the competition in the fast-moving consumer sector by providing new products, promotions and campaigns fast to market, by improving market entry speed of packing average 50-70 % which provides advantage during printing preparation and installation.

ElifHybr, parallel to the increasing marketing activities, eliminates all quality and high cost problems faced by brands that aim to design more than one or different campaigns and promotions by differentiating product designs on the packages that take into account personal, regional and similar purposes and objectives of these companies. ElifHybr, supporting brand ownership for the brand owners at the side of consumers by establishing an emotional link between consumers and brands, meets personalisation, privatisation and differentiation needs of its customers particularly in terms of marketing by reducing high installation, roller printing and linecut costs. ElifHybr enables the printing of the desired design on different packaging films regardless of thickness of film and colour.

ElifHybr stands out with the advantages provided to its customers in the field of marketing as well as its environmentally friendly structure and contribution to sustainability. First and foremost, owing to the energy savings obtained by using its electron beam curing technology through the curing process, and to the minimisation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by not using solvents during the drying process with special inks produced for this technology, Elif’s hybrid printing technology offers the optimum solution for the environment. ElifHybr economises energy use by 65% thanks to its immediate curing process as well as reducing the consumption of ink by 60%. ElifHybr provides an advantage with much less energy use and emission for drying process and non-solvent printing and less formation of VOCs thanks to use of special ink and curing process and reduces carbon footprint by 75%.

ElifHybr ranked among the finalists of the championship in the Crescent and Stars of Packaging Competition which was organised for the seventh time this year and has become a global brand by Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD- Ambalaj Sanayicileri Derneği), and gained the right to compete in the AsiaStar and WorldStar contests which are the packaging industry's most prestigious competitions.

Having carried out R&D activities in order to offer solutions and having developed products for the packaging needs and demands of its customers, Elif aims to offer the best solutions for its customers by combining its equipment with the newest technologies, its expert team, its innovative approach, portfolio and the systems that have been developed with the advancements in new materials, equipment, techniques and technologies. With the aim of always exceeding expectations, Elif shall continue to sustain its ever-growing innovation efforts and produce "Packaging for Life" by respecting and dignifying life, the environment and the human beings.