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Elif partners with Digimarc

Elif partners with Digimarc

Elif announces its partnership with Digimarc. The Digimarc Platform supports consumer brands and retailers as they move ‘’beyond the barcode’’ and modernize their operations with connected and sustainable packaging that promotes efficiency at every stage of the value chain.

Digimarc Platform, featuring Digimarc Barcode, which is a proprietary method for imperceptibly enhancing packaging, images, and audio with data that is detected by enabled devices, such as phones, computers, barcode scanners, and machine-vision equipment.

Sustainability is part of our DNA. Our offerings are part of the solution to future challenges. We are committed to solutions that can help to collection and sorting of plastic products for recycling and reduce the plastic waste in our landfills and oceans.

Mr. Derek Peacock, Elif Group Design & Print Quality Senior Manager, said “Thanks to our partnership with Digimarc, Elif can help our customers to achieve greater results with sustainability, traceability, brand protection, and consumer engagement initiatives.”

Elif pioneers new technologies and developments in the industry. Elif continuously adapts to changing markets because customers and consumers require even more innovative and sustainable solutions.

This partnership is a good example of how Elif partners with its customers to innovate for their success.


Learn more about Digimarc:

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