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Elif participated in PLMA’s World of Private Label Show

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, introduced its new products for private label owners at PLMA 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

PLMA’s “World of Private Label” International Trade Show was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on May 20th-21st, 2014. This year, more than 11,000 buyers and visitors were looking for new products and ideas for their private label programs.

Elif’s main goal was to encourage the use of its new flexible packaging solutions aimed at differentiating the products of private label owners. In order to give visitors an idea of the wide packaging solutions range, various product samples were displayed at the booth.

Elif presented its new bio-degradable flexible packaging material for private label owners. The patented biodegradable solution of Elif, ElifCare, is differentiated from other eco-friendly packaging solutions with its stable optical and mechanical properties and applicability for all packaging purposes both printed and unprinted. Elif’s well designed packaging solution ElifCare brings significant benefits, particularly avoiding waste of the product itself e.g. keeping food fresher for longer as well as reducing their environmental impact and ecological footprint.

At PLMA, Elif also highlighted an extensive range of creative packaging solutions and technology that will help visitors and buyers deliver their products in a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable way. Wicket bag solutions like ribbon bags and corded bags were also introduced at PLMA for the buyers who are looking for premium packaging solutions that will differentiate their brands on the shelves.