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Elif is proud to offer its customers 3D holographic printing!

Elif offers 3D printing and holographic printing as an optimum solution for FMCG companies. Elif’s exclusive technology enables brand owners to differentiate their products with a premium packaging concept that offers a stimulating visual experience for their consumers.

Elif’s new technology offers the possibility to create three dimensional and holographic printing effects in order to provide distinctive packages with a high visual impact and incorporate anti-counterfeiting features. The technology can be applied to the most typical Flexible Packaging substrates with total guarantee, including Alufoil, PET, BOPP, PE, and aluminium.

Elif’s new packaging solution meets expectations of brand owners in all aspects with its visual effects that strengthen the graphic design of the packaging and that create a three-dimensional live concept for the brand offering a stimulating visual experience and brand conformity for their consumers. Being one of the pioneering companies using the new technologic developments in the flexible packaging sector, Elif provides cost efficient and sustainable solutions for its customers with the successful HD flexo printing applications while introducing an innovative and differentiating packaging feature using these new technologies.

While Elif’s new technology helps create a premium brand perception for its customers with three dimensional effects, it also provides brand authentication against counterfeiting with holographic printing. The increasing commercial counterfeiting is a risk for all brands that threatens brand image as well as damaging brand loyalty and revenue. Hence, proper holographic packaging on consumer goods serve as an important means for brand protection.

This state-of-the-art printing technology of Elif significantly reduces the cost of final products as opposed to the currently available technology for the creation of holographic and three-dimensional effects. Elif’s new technology also offers cold foil effects and UV lamination and unlike costly traditional applications of holographic and three-dimensional printing, does not require a lamination with a metallised substrate to create holographic effects, facilitating the recycling of the package.

Elif provides packaging solutions for the maximum efficiency and customised services as well as innovative packaging solutions tailored for unique customer needs. Elif’s latest packaging technologies, techniques and exclusive packaging solutions allow brand owners an even better and faster service with wider range of packaging features that contribute to achieving their business targets as well as differentiating their products on the shelves for better business results. Through its innovative R&D approach, professional team and application of high technology, Elif aims to offer the optimum solutions for its customers and will continue to develop new innovative solutions and create ‘Packaging for Life’.