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Elif is on LinkedIn with the renewed Company page!

Elif, who grew rapidly with its dynamic, informative and entertaining shares in social platforms, moved LinkedIn's page to its "Company page" position and presented it to the publication.

Elif, which produces ‘Packaging for Life’ at every moment of life and adds value to life for the reason of its existence, continues to strengthen and improve its communication in digital platforms and social media. Elif also shares market trends, innovations and technological innovations with LinkedIn, a social sharing platform that aims to enable business professionals to communicate and exchange information, attracting the attention of professionals in the packaging and FMCG sectors. You can reach Elif from LinkedIn as Elif Global (, who has started using LinkedIn's company page application to strengthen communication on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the largest social platform in the professional business world today with more than 500 million users that gather professionals from more than 200 countries.

Elif aims to introduce new products and services through the renewed company page on LinkedIn, to explain social responsibility projects that add value to life and people, to strengthen relations with existing business partners, to present new business opportunities to candidates and to tell ‘Life in Elif’.

Elif will continue to use social media accounts in an active, informative and entertaining manner and will continue to bring the passion for ‘Packaging for Life’ to more people every day. You can follow Elif from social media accounts, to be aware of Elif's new products and services and to learn about new business opportunities.