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Elif got the P&G External Business Partner Excellence Award again!

Elif, which has become a symbol that is differentiated for and identified with its quality by all concerned in the flexible packaging sector, has been granted the ‘External Business Partner Excellence Award’ for two consecutive years by Procter & Gamble, one of Elif’s customers that is also one of the leading brands in the world offering high-quality and valuable branded products.

Initiated in 2008, P&G has committed to recognising its top performing external business partners in P&G’s External Business Partner Performance Development Process (PDP). P&G established the PDP to define, measure and collaboratively enhance the performance of its business partners so that they can exceed business needs and enhance relationships. By improving the collective performance in a collaborative manner, P&G hopes to enable the delivery of key business drivers for P&G and its business partners. The PDP focuses on metrics associated with the commercial, operational, innovation and relationship performance categories. About 500 of P&G’s 75,000 business partners of varying ranks participate in this process.

Elif has justified pride of getting this prestigious award, which is only to granted one in a thousand global suppliers of P&G, for the second time. Elif constantly improves its resources, products and services by using the latest scientific and technological innovations, offers a quality that is always one move ahead of expectations of the society, business partners in the environment and its customers, and continues to carry out exemplary projects all around the world with its vision.

Elif continues to strengthen its current pioneering position within the environment of flexible packaging solutions through its high-quality innovative products, unique service concept, manufacturing plants that are exemplary around the world, its business partners and its employees, all of which lie behind Elif’s success. Constantly working towards manufacturing “Packaging for Life” through its leadership spirit to create value, its diversity - the source of its ideal and cultural richness, its honesty, its indispensable value, and with clear awareness of its responsibilities, Elif continues to achieve success while aiming to strengthen its brand perception with new projects as a responsible and honest leader that takes strength from diversity and one that creates value.

The leadership of Elif in the flexible packaging market is awarded and proven many times by multi-national leading brands to which Elif offers its services. Elif will continue to provide excellent products and services for the purpose of “Packaging for Life” in the future with the synergy and dynamism created by its customers, business partners, professional human resources and its innovative management concept and it will always aim to be “the best” for its customers at all times.