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Elif is at the finals on Crescents and Stars Packagings Awards 2020

Elif, a global benchmark company for flexible packaging, has been named among the winners of "Crescents & Stars Awards 2020" competition organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD) with ElifGreen - Renewable Resource PE Packaging Solution, one of the latest of the innovations belong to “Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions” product range.

ElifGreen is a PE packaging film with renewable resource filled with Green PE granules made from sugarcane in various percentages, offers to keep the same mechanical properties as in fossil-based PE films.

By allowing packaging recyclability, ElifGreen meets customers' sustainability expectations and achieves 2030 recyclability targets of the EU Commission.

* Fully recyclable where polyolefin recycling streams for flexible packaging in place

* Renewable source

* Applicable for all flexible film packaging products

* 75% lower Carbon Footprint versus traditional PE

* Versions made with BonSucro certified raw material

Elif provides brand owners more diversified packaging options, which ensures that business targets are achieved more easily and products attract more attention on the shelves Thanks to the latest packaging technologies, techniques, and privileged packaging solutions developed in 2 benchmark production facilities in Turkey and Egypt.

Sustainability is part of DNA. Our offerings are part of the solution for future challenges. Our more than 1600 employees are helping to create a happier and healthier life for millions around the world, every day. Elif will continue to produce “ Sustainable Packaging for Life” by trying to go beyond the expectations and prioritizing the environment and humans.