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Elif invests in future with ‘Trigeneration”!

Adding a new chapter every day to solutions created for people as well as the environment based on its “Packaging for Life” approach, Elif invests in future yet again with its project “Trigeneration” put into effect in October. 

With the intention to meet sustainable and quality energy requirement of its production plant in Istanbul, Elif put into effect its project “Trigeneration” in October that was launched under ‘NOsume Energy’ Program, taking a further step in the path towards sustainability.

This innovative project of Elif ensures energy is produced from the same system simultaneously by a yield of 180% both in form of electric used for production and the heating as well as cooling. Furthermore, with its low carbon emission, the Trigeneration system allows for clean, environment-friendly and local power generation, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed to generate 4MW power, the project also ensures 3.2MW heat energy recovery from the natural gas generator systems. And the system providing energy efficiency by 180% ensures energy recovery to achieve thermal oil and to cool the water when generating low carbon electricity.

While trigeneration project enhances energy efficiency and results in considerable improvement in the sustainability performance, it also minimises possible quality related problems with the materials and, consequently, waste of materials that may occur as a result of power outage. Additionally, the project also allows for the reduction of maintenance costs by improving production efficiency. Thanks to the trigeneration project launched by Elif, which represents an initiative for energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial sector and sets a worldwide example, Elif continues to be a source of inspiration for all industrial organisations consistent with its sustainability efforts.

Having based all its projects on the minimum utilisation of natural resources since its establishment, Elif continuously works towards reaching its vision of “Packaging for Life”, by adding a new solution every day to its environment-friendly solutions as well as its projects in the field of sustainability. Elif will continue to put into effect projects that contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of human life as well as those of the environment and to work for a sustainable future with new investments.