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In cooperation with Atlas Copco, Elif implemented world’s largest scaled heat recovery project

Elif implemented the largest scaled heat recovery project not only in Turkey but also around the world. With the accomplished new heat recovery project, Elif started to recover the heat rejected by the compressors used in its global benchmark production facility and reuse this energy in the production cycle again.

Elif, targeting ‘ISO 50001 Energy Management System’ in 2012 in order to raise the standards for a more effective energy management, implemented this benchmark energy recovery project with the support of Atlas Copco. In this context, Elif implemented the largest scaled heat recovery project not only in Turkey but also around the world by integrating the state-of-the-art heat recovery units to its current compressor systems. The new system provides reduction in the total energy consumption of the production facility by recovering the heat rejected by the compressors and reusing this energy in the production cycle again.

Elif, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector with its sustainability approach and successfully accomplished projects, acts responsibly towards the environment and the society, promotes productive and cost saving methods and technology and develops its business activities within this framework. Monitoring its sustainability management performance to create long-term value for sustainability, Elif designs all of its projects with the objective of minimum use of natural resources.

As an outcome of the project, all economic factors considered, Elif deactivated one of the existing hot water boiler systems resulting in the shortening of the return time of capital investment made for this project under 1 year. According to the initial system measurements made after the accomplishment of the setup, testing and control processes of the project, it is expected to provide 35% energy saving, on average monthly, in 2012 compared to the previous year. With this pioneering and benchmark project, Elif aims to release an amenity of 1,050 trees against the global warming of Earth by reducing CO2 emissions 350 tons per year.

Approaching sustainable development as the combination of long term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, Elif has yet again proved its commitment to sustainable development to its business partners and community with this successfully accomplished  ‘Green Project’. Elif aims to spread the success of this energy recovery project implemented in its benchmark factory as an example for sustainable practices in the industry.