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Back to News January, 2013

Elif hosted a technical trip to SusFoFlex Consortium for break through project in Food Industry

Innovative in developing solutions to advance sustainable packaging solutions, Elif,  hosted a technical trip to SusFoFlex Consortium in its benchmark factory located in Istanbul.

SusFoFlex Consortium is a three-year European Project under the EU 7th framework that focuses on development of novel, sustainable and intelligent food packaging solutions. SusFoFlex, Smart and Sustaniable Food Packaging Utilizing Flexible Printed Intelligence, is coordinated by Oulu University of Finland together with fourteen research organization from eight different  countries including Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Turkey and Spain.

SusFoFlex Consortium selected Elif for its technical trip as a part of its first annual meeting in Istanbul. SusFoFlex team members found the opportunity to investigate the production process of flexible packaging and Elif’s unique solutions for  innovative and sustainable flexible packaging that will help developing new bioplastic packaging for longer shelf life of food. Elif’s Istanbul plant is found to be the most important production facilities in the world with its state-of-art technology and integrated production capacity as well as architecture, infra-structure and high quality standarts.

Results of SusFoFlex project is expected to open a new era in Save Food approach to cut food waste and global food losses for a sustainable future. Elif, believes that sustainable development means the combination of long term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility both in the workplace and marketplace. Therefore being a part of SusFoFlex practices is abundant evidence of Elif’s responsibility  toward the environment and society. Elif is ready for new cooperations that will take place in the future of SusFoFlex project.