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Elif Has Achieved The Gold Prize in The Amenities Initiative Awards in Sustainable Packaging Category

MAY 2021 – ISTANBUL - Elif Has Achieved the Gold Prize in The Amenities Initiative Awards Organized By Amenities Magazine, in Sustainable Packaging Category with ElifNatty, A Compostable Packaging Film.

Elif partners with one of the leading airlines in the world: Turkish Airlines. The common goal of this cooperation is to support the circular economy approach of the airline and to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

Elif developed in close collaboration with Turkish Airlines a sustainable packaging film solution for the packaging of its’ blankets and headphones products that are served to passengers during flights around the world. As a result of this successful partnership, Elif became the sole supplier of this product in 2018.

“Sustainability is part of our DNA and this customized packaging for Turkish Airlines is an excellent example of how our offerings are part of the solution to future challenges,” stated Hakan Salargil, Executive Chairman of Elif Holding.

Elif's tailor-made packaging is a compostable film that belongs to the Elif Sustainable Eco Solution range with the brand name of ElifNatty. This solution includes various innovative bioplastic alloys based on biodegradable polymers totally or partially obtained from renewable resources. Elif uses only the plant components that are based on responsible plant management.

This customized solution protects the earth through processes of biodegradation and composting. It biodegrades naturally when expose to the earth’s elements and micro-organisms in the soil. Elif’s sustainable packaging solution is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It reduces the energy usage to decompose and leaves no visible or harmful residue in the environment. It is an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based packaging films.


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