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Elif Featured At Key Industry Events in 2021

2021 saw Elif feature its award-winning sustainable solutions at key events

Premiere of Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions range

FachPack – Nuremberg, Germany – 28-30 September 2021

Eurasia Packaging Expo – Istanbul – Turkey – 20-23 October 2021

Plastic-Free World Conference & Expo – Cologne, Germany – 10-11 November 2021

Zoomark 2021 – Bologna – Italy – 10-12 November 2021


Istanbul, Turkey, 2021/12/06 - Elif, a benchmark company for flexible packaging and now part of Huhtamaki, a key global provider of sustainable packaging solutions for consumers around the world, presented numerous sustainable solutions in response to current packaging trends and the growing demand for sustainable solutions at four major industry events this year.

Elif showcased its latest innovations alongside its best-selling flexible packaging solutions designed for sustainability, safety, and convenience. Elif’s sustainable product range is part of the solution to future challenges.

Selcuk Yarangümelioğlu, CEO of Elif, states, “Sustainability is part of our DNA. Long-standing economic systems are being transformed as countries worldwide migrate from a linear to a circular model. Flexible packaging has a major role to play in this transformation and by offering circular solutions to the market we are helping our customers reach their sustainability goals. We are continuously partnering with our customers to innovate for their success.”

Elif is a member of various initiatives that advocate sustainable solutions and a circular economy and consequently supported, for example, the Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2021, which were held in conjunction with the FachPack trade show this year.

Spotlight on prize-winning products

At all four fairs, Elif exhibited its new packaging solutions – ElifGreenElifProLite, and ElifNatty, all of which – without compromising quality and functionality - help to reduce plastic packaging waste through either recycling, biodegradation, or composting.   

These products belong to the Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions range and have been awarded some of the most prestigious prizes in the flexible packaging industry:

ElifGreen ranked among the winners of the "Crescents & Stars Awards" organized by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD), and the Worldstar’21 Awards sponsored by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

ElifProLite has been listed as a finalist in the sustainable packaging category of the Sustainability Awards 2021 overseen by Packaging Europe. This product was also be awarded by German Packaging Awards 2021 in the “New Material” category.

Finally, ElifNatty scooped  the gold award in the sustainable packaging category of the Amenities Initiative Awards organized by Amenities Magazine and won the prize in Onboard Hospitality Awards for the “Best for Onboard Sustainability.”

Dr. Betül T. Erbay, Sustainability & Business Development Director of Elif, comments, “Elif is committed to developing solutions which support the circular economy, where the materials used in packaging are recycled and repurposed.  Therefore, together with our customers, we develop sustainable solutions that genuinely support a circular economy. This approach provides further evidence of Elif partnering with its customers to innovate for their sustainable success. Therefore, we are very pleased that Elif has been recognized by so many awards in 2021.” 

Plastic-Free World Conference to champion the future of flexible packaging 

Elif participated in the 2021 edition of this event which focused on industry solutions for a world free from plastic waste. As a senior executive level conference and exhibition, it explored how international businesses from a wide variety of industries can reduce their use of fossil-based plastics, eliminate single-use plastics, and create more sustainable bio-sourced products, and packaging solutions. 

Elif presented its circular business model along with its latest innovative solutions for building a circular economy for plastic packaging. At the conference, Dr. Erbay described the future of flexible packaging and shared examples of Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions that advocate sustainability and a circular economy. 

“Waste is a serious global issue and smarter packaging solutions can reduce and prevent food loss and waste. Our industry needs to prioritize renewable resources and keep these resources in the economy for as long as possible. We must contribute to the safe and proper disposal of the product at the end of the life cycle. We partner with various stakeholders to support a circular economy approach to lay the platform for a sustainable future,” concluded Dr. Erbay at the conference which took place mid-November in Cologne, Germany. 

Sustainable product premieres at Fachpack, Eurasia Packaging, and Zoomark

Elif’s latest solutions in the consumer goods flexible packaging segment created great resonance at the important trade shows Fachpack, Eurasia Packaging, and Zoomark.

The offerings prove that Elif enables customers to reach their sustainability goals by using more recycled content, bio-based materials, bio-degradable green PE, and fully recyclable HyPEr/PE laminate structures. New products offer advanced features that support sustainability, 

Among other things, Elif presented its latest product range Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions. Each of the brands and solutions within this sustainable product offering addresses a particular challenge or environmental goal. Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions include ElifHyPEr, ElifProLite, ElifGreen, ElifPIR, ElifPCR and ElifNatty.

ElifHyPEr is a high-performance PE film solution, that eliminates the need for lamination with other substrates. It is 100% recyclable, offers enhanced better optical, mechanical, and barrier properties, and reduces the consumption of natural resources. 

ElifProLite represents a fully recyclable high barrier laminated packaging solution for the flexible packaging industry. Thanks to its mono-material structure and homogeneous composites, it is suitable for recycling through the available corresponding recycling streams.

ElifGreen is a PE film made from renewable sugarcane resources. Awarded the OK bio-based label by TÜV Austria, ElifGreen possesses the same mechanical properties as in fossil-based PE films and is 100% recyclable, renewable, and sustainable. 

ElifPCR is an eco-cyclic packaging solution containing high-quality post-consumer recycled materials recovered from commercial, industrial, and household waste. Its CO2 emissions and energy consumption are lower than those of flexible packaging materials that contain only virgin plastic. 

ElifNatty is a compostable PE film formulated with a family of innovative bioplastic alloys. These are based on biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable resources. 

Alongside its sustainable material solutions, Elif has also demonstrated its high-quality printing capabilities, including ElifHybr, and ElifHolo. As proof of its commitment to G7 methodology in its printing processes, Elif has become the first company in Turkey to be awarded the G7® Master Qualification Colorspace Certificate. This represents another example of how Elif is maximizing its performance for the benefit of customers. 

“Despite the ongoing global pandemic challenge, we had the opportunity to meet our customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in person again and we are convinced that all these events will remain excellent communication platforms in the future to share ideas and solutions for a sustainable future,” summarized Dr. Erbay





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Huhtamaki’s innovative products protect on-the-go and on-the-shelf food and beverages, ensuring hygiene and safety, and help prevent food waste. We embed sustainability in everything we do. We are committed to achieving carbon-neutral production and designing all our products to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2030.

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