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Elif, entered the ‘Turkish R&D Champions’ list

Elif took its place in the "Turkish R&D 250" ranking list, which presents data and intentions regarding the private sector in Turkey. The ranking is also important as being the only R&D research in Turkey.

Elif, with its commitment to R&D and technological achievements, its innovative packagings, continuously renewed manufacturing technologies and R&D investments since its foundation, once again proved its success by entering the "Turkish R&D 250" ranking list of Turkish R&D Champions.

The "Turkish R&D 250" ranking list is the one and only research prepared in the light of "Turkish Exporters Assembly – Export 1000 Research" database and R&D data in the fiscal tables of companies in Public Disclosure Platform. It is also named as "the innovation report of the economy".

With its R&D works that offer solutions for customer needs and enable the manufacturing of improved products, Elif develops its own portfolio and systems following the latest developments with regards to materials, techniques and technologies. Elif, mentioned most often for the prestigious awards it has been awarded for quality, sustainability and innovation, is also the solution partner of international brands in the global arena.

Last year, 64 new products were manufactured in Elif's production lines. The new sashed sanitary pad, one of the most reformist products manufactured by Elif, is one of them. As well as its product range, Elif also improves its manufacturing technologies. The company is one of the first worldwide implementers of HD flexo printing and also keeps being the leader of the sector by continuously improving printing quality. Elif, with its patented bio-soluble packing ElifCare it produced this year, aims to support the sustainability performance of its customers. Differentiated from the other bio-soluble packing solutions in the market with its unlimited shelf life, optical and mechanical features, ElifCare is the best example of Elif's sustainability-oriented R&D efforts.

Through its innovative approach, professional team and highly technological equipment, Elif aims to offer the best solution for its customers and will continue with new R&D and innovation projects whilst manufacturing packagings that add value to life.