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Elif embraces shelter animals

Elif, enhancing day by day its projects that add value to life in line with its sustainability policy and considering the social responsibility projects through a wide framework, supported Yedikule Animal Shelter with a donation of cat and dog food.

Yedikule Animal Shelter House, operating on the basis of volunteering, shelters a total of 3000 cats and dogs of which 250 are disabled. All the health and nutrition requirements of the dogs and cats cared with love in the shelter house are met with the support of volunteers. Yedikule Animal Shelter House, providing the possibility for adopting a cat or dog meticulously through adoption or sponsorship system, also aims to infuse the love of animals to the future generations by organising student visits.

Considering supporting the supply of the requirements of cats and dogs in need of protection as part of its responsibility of "corporate citizenship", Elif supported Yedikule Animal Shelter House by providing a help package containing a wide variety of various cat and dog foods, kitty litter and award treats packed in the packaging produced by Elif. Through this project, which is planned to be continued, Elif will continue to embrace our cute friends.