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Elif donated to orphaned children

In line with its principle of sustainability and social responsibility approach, Elif achieved yet another value-added project by donating hygiene products and cleaning materials to Bahçelievler Social Services and Child Protection Foundation.

As part of its “Corporate Citizenship” responsibility, Elif uses every opportunity to meet the needs of orphaned children. Elif donated an extensive support package to the Bahçelievler Social Services and Child Protection Foundation, containing a variety of hygiene products, cleaning tissues and detergents with packaging materials produced by Elif. Elif plans to repeat this project continuously in the future and carry out social responsibility projects that contribute to the sustainability of social values​​.

Elif is aware of the fact that development of countries and living standards of communities can be achieved only by providing better conditions for the new generations and will continue to donate to foundations like LÖSEV (The Foundation for Children with Leukaemia), Social Services and Child Protection Agency and other institutions and organisations in order to increase community awareness on the subject and create long-term value.