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Elif continues to embrace shelters!

Elif has taken one more important step in its social responsibility project this year by continuing to support helpless stray animals that are desperate for protection.

Elif, acting based on the principles of social responsibility and producing “Packaging for Life” since its establishment, continues to extend its social responsibility projects for a sustainable future. Considering the fulfilment of the needs of stray animals that are desperate for help and protection an important part of its “Corporate Citizenship” responsibilities, the company visited Yedikule Animal Shelter this year again and contributed with dog food. One tonne of dog food, packages of which were produced by Elif, were donated to the shelter.

Yedikule Animal Shelter, as a voluntary-basis operation, is home to thousands of cats and dogs. All health and food needs of the animals in the shelter are fulfilled by the help of shelter volunteers. Yedikule Animal Shelter also offers visitors the opportunity to adopt cats and dogs through a meticulous adoption or sponsorship system, and targets to instil the love of animals in the future generations with well-organised student visit programs.

As it did until today, Elif will continue in the future to support projects and organisations which contribute to social development, have an active part in the promotion of such projects and produce “Packaging for Life”.