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Elif achieves the biggest success of its sector by rising 26 steps further in ISO First 500 List!

Elif has achieved the biggest success of its sector by rising 26 steps further in Turkey’s First 500 Largest Industrial Institutions (ISO First 500 Enterprises) which was announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry ISO. The list includes 26 packaging sector companies, 14 of which are the members of ASD (Packaging Manufacturers Association).

Mentioned most often for its ever-rising place in the list of giants each year as a result not only of developing more productive, more creative, and more innovative solutions in line with its sustainable growth targets, but also by structuring its new investments strategically within this scope, as well as the technologies, techniques and innovations applied, Elif has become an honour to its sector once again this year. In the report, which includes the major industrial institutions of Turkey, “Turkey’s First 500 Largest Industrial Institutions – 2014”, published by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) for the past 47 years and much-awaited each year, Elif has ranked as the 276th, rising up 26 steps.  

The initial study of the 500 Largest Industrial Institutions in Turkey started as the 100 Largest Industrial Institutions in 1968 and continued to grow each year. It has the characteristics of a strong mirror that reflects the economy of Turkey and is determined by conducting various assessments in the fields of financial ratios, resource structures, profitability ratios, economic profitability, asset turnovers, distribution of net value-added factoring (functional) incomes, non-production activity incomes, employment, distribution of gross value added and labour productivity and by referring to the comments of expert academicians.

Elif’s leadership in the flexible packaging market is awarded and recognised many times by the multinational leading brands and institutions to which Elif offers services. Elif will continue to rise and move its name forward in the list of giants each year through the synergy and dynamism created by its customers, business partners, professional human resources and innovative management by assisting its customers and nations with high quality products and services based on their “Packaging for Life” approach, and helping them achieve their goals and chart their own paths towards where they dream of being in the future.