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Elif celebrates its 50th anniversary!

ISTANBUL - 2022/06/22 Turkey's leading flexible packaging manufacturer and one of the top 500 companies, Elif is experiencing the joy of celebrating its 50th anniversary!

Elif, founded in 1972, is a pioneer of the flexible packaging industry in Turkey, and is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

As Turkey’s leading flexible packaging manufacturer and one of the largest 500 companies, Elif has joined Huhtamaki, a global leader in sustainable packaging solutions as of 2021 and become part of a multinational family. 

We build on our half-century-long history with the aim to produce “Sustainable Packaging for Life”. With a sense of responsibility towards people, society, and the environment at all times, we are proud of our success in being one of the leading packaging manufacturers in Turkey and the world. 

We work relentlessly to create value in a spirit of leadership, through diversity and integrity and with a clear awareness of our responsibility. Now, as a Huhtamaki company, we are excited to continue our next journey, #strongertogether.



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