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Elif celebrates 8th March International Women's day together with all employees!

Being aware and proud of seeing the change that the women perform in any field they touch, Elif celebrated 8th March International Women's day not only with the women, but with all employees.

Emphasising its confidence in the power of equality of men and women at all times, based on the principle of diversity and equal employment, Elif, adopts an understanding that incorporates not only the men’s but also the women’s power to the economy. With this approach, Elif has realised a project that aims to enhance the awareness of individuals of the women’s representation in the political, social and business arenas and of women to benefit equally from the rights by giving violets to all employees on 8th March International Women's day. Thanks to the project, the violets, given as gift for Women’s Day not only to female employees, but to all employees within the company, the awareness about the subject has been raised among the families and close environments of the employees as well as the society.

Acting with passion to do the best for “humanity” – the cause of Elif’s existence, Elif, in every decision made and every step taken, in line with this mission, believes that women must also be economically and socially empowered at least as much as men, take an active role in business life and participate in every area of life. In order to minimise the obstacles in this path, Elif invites everyone, regardless of gender, to take part in this mission.

Being conscious that the place of women in a society and their participation in work life is far more than a demand and a requirement at maximum level, Elif will continue to pursue its activities in this direction by further developing them.