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Elif celebrated the “World Environment Day” with the participation of all of its employees!

Taking a further step in environmentalist activities as part of its awareness of environmental issues and campaign against climate change, Elif distributed 10,000 pinus pinea seeds to its employees in the scope of “June 5th – World Environment Day” celebrations.

In order to create a long-term value aimed at sustainability, Elif, monitoring closely its performance, plans all its projects in accordance with the minimum utilisation of natural resources. Just like every year, Elif has continued to make a difference this year as well by drawing attention to its campaign against environmental issues. The company distributed pinus pinea seeds to its all employees on this meaningful day, while the packaging solution chosen for distribution of the seeds was Elif’s environment-friendly and innovative new product Elifcare.

Preventing food waste by offering high performance for product protection, ElifCare, with its biodegradable structure also greatly contributes to sustainability and helps reduce its ecological footprint in the stages of production, utilisation, recycling and degradation. The product can be distinguished from other environmentally friendly packaging solutions with its higher stability of optical and mechanical properties, and it has a physical structure suitable for all printed or unprinted product packaging applications. Offering unlimited shelf life, ElifCare can be subjected to recycling together with other plastic wastes and starts degrading only after actual use. Physical and optical properties of the product provide an important advantage in terms of high-quality printing.

Eliminating the disposal of unprocessed wastes directly to the nature by ensuring highest rate of packaging waste recycling and/or their introduction for reuse by certified enterprises, Elif was entitled to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate in 2007 in parallel with its sustainable growth strategy, and it was the first company to receive the modified Environmental Permit in the EU harmonisation process.

The company, which continuously puts different scales of new systems, technologies and applications into practice for a more effective energy management and fulfilment of ISO 500001 Energy Management System standards, Elif realised the first major compressor heat recovery project in 2012 and succeeded to reduce its CO2 emission levels by 330 tonnes in the first year of the project. Thanks to this achievement, in 10 years’ time, Elif will have contributed equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

Acting with the vision of sustainable future, Elif will continue to take part in organisations contributing to protection, improvement and sustainability of the environment and human life and supporting environmental movements by arranging new organisations.