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Elif celebrated the March 8th - International Women’s Day with all of its employees yet again!

Elif expresses its belief in the strength and importance of equality of women and men at every opportunity by putting new projects into effect, and as it does every year, the company celebrated the March 8th - International Women’s Day with the participation of all of its employees – women and men.

Elif acts on the principle of cultural diversity and employment and continuously expresses its belief in the strength of equality among people in terms of religion, language, race and gender. The company attaches great importance to providing the contribution of the power of women in the economy.

In this direction, Elif gave succulent flowers to all of its employees in a project aiming to raise social awareness about the equal representation of women and men in the political, social and business arenas and equal opportunities to exercise legal rights.

Acting with the objective of doing the best for “humanity”, its reason for being, and pursuing the ‘Packaging for Life’ passion in all of its decisions and steps, Elif believes that in line with this mission, women must be at least as strong as men, both economically and socially, must have an active role in business life and take part in all dimensions of life. The company calls on everyone, regardless of their gender, to eliminate the barriers within this path.

Embracing “Respect to Humanity” as an indispensable dimension of its management approach, Elif is aware of the fact that more than being a demand, improvement of the position of women in the community and their participation in business life is among the highest needs of our society. The company will continue to display activity in line with these principles and carry out new projects which add value in life.