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Elif celebrated 8th of March Women's Day with women empowerment projects!

Elif emphasizes the importance of equality between women and men at every opportunity and aims to increase the awareness of the individual regarding equal representation of women in political, social and business life and equality of rights. This year, Elif celebrated ‘March 8 Women's Day ' with all its employees by carrying out activities that would serve this purpose.

Elif puts its signature under new projects that add value to the life in a regular basis, being aware of the fact that improvement of the position of women in the community and their participation in the business life, more than being a demand, is among the highest needs of our society.  Elif continued its Women's Day activities this year, which became an Elif tradition.

After the 'March 8th Women's Day Lunch’ attended by all employees, as a symbol of this day Elif presents gifts Women’s Day flowers with special messages emphasizing the meaning and importance of this day to ensure that all elif employees,therir families, their immediate surroundings and the society's awareness of ‘gender equality‘.Elif enriched its activities for Women’s Day with new projects and donated the Turkish Education Foundation on behalf of its employees to raise strong women for the future.

Elif questioned the meaning and purpose of gender equality during the events with a short survey among  its employees. Elif also shared mini videos of short anecdotes that share these views from their social media accounts. You can follow LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube / ElifGlobal and Facebook /ElifGlobal1972 accounts to watch this video which emphasizes the meaning and importance of equality between men and women.

Being conscious about the fact that achieving higher level of development requires women’s increased participation in the economy, a bigger share to them from development and growth and improvement of their position in the family, Elif continues to launch important social responsibility projects as well. In this frame, Elif has offered job opportunities to housewives in tying operations of hundreds of thousands of bags produced by the company in 2016, which in turn has created total women employment of 235 working days. Elif raised this number to 1,370 working days and provided employment for women in 2017.

Elif, one of the first initiators and supporters of the Women's Empowerment Principles – WEPs platform, which was established in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact and United Nations Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Unit (UN Women) in 2010, actively continues its efforts to strengthen women's empowerment, which is one of the most important global initiatives in the private sector.

Acting with the objective of doing the best for the “human”, its reason for being, and pursuing the ‘Packaging for Life’ passion in its all decisions and steps, Elif believes in line with this mission that women must be at least as strong as men both economically and socially, have an active role in the business life and take part in all dimensions of life. The company calls everyone, regardless