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Elif attracts international focus at Eurasia Packaging Fair

Elif attracted an impressive attendance with its latest innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the Eurasia Packaging Fair 2013 in Istanbul.

Elif, one of the leading packaging partners in the industry, presented its brand new two awards as well as a variety of its new products and its large portfolio of flexible packaging solutions at Eurasia Packaging Fair 2013 in its brand-new boot location. Elif participated in the 19th International Packaging Industry Fair, Eurasia Packaging 2013, between 12th-15th September in Istanbul in hall 2 stand 216. The Eurasia Packaging Fair opened its doors on 12th September 2013 to major manufacturers from Turkey and its Eurasian neighbours. Over four days, the event, which is now in its 19th year, will facilitate thousands of face to face meetings between 1200 exhibitors and a predicted 50,000 visitors.

Elif’s quality of its products have repeatedly proven itself in both national and international competitions and exhibitions. The latest two awards, Coca-Cola’s prestigious Green Supplier Award with its Energy NOsume Project and Golden Award in Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2013 with its snack packaging, attracted intensive attention at Eurasia Packaging 2013.

For Elif, sustainability is becoming growth driven and plays a "vital" role in the future growth of Elif’s businesses. Elif is committed to creating long-term value for its customers by providing innovative packaging solutions to meet its customers’ sustainability goals. Proud of being recognised by its sustainability, innovations and printing quality, Elif actively pursues to seek new business relationships via attending the main flexible packaging exhibitions.