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Elif announces the launch of Elif Showroom, an interactive digital application

JULY 2021, ISTANBUL - Elif announces the launch of Elif Showroom, an interactive digital application, showcasing its latest innovative solutions in 3D. 

Elif’s newest digital innovation is a web-based showroom featuring Elif’s tailor-made packaging solutions for four main business markets: Food & Beverage, Pet Care, Home Careand Personal Care.

The overall target of this project to allow our customers to explore state-of-the-art product solutions across multiple application areas in a highly interactive manner - fulfilling initial steps in the customer journey. 

With this exclusive application, Elif showcases its long-term knowledge and experience in the development of flexible packaging solutions. Thus, it enables our clients to experience the flexibility, quality, and complexity of our solutions without the need for physical presence.

Elif demonstrates a truly sustainable approach towards the industry and significantly increases its digital transformation via this user-friendly digital application.

Visit Elif Showroom to discover our tailor-made solutions in 3D!

Click the products to learn more about the latest technologies and exclusive applications Elif provides for your product packaging.

Use your mobile devices to activate the Augmented Reality feature and view our solutions into your surroundings via your camera.

Visit now: