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Elif earned the highest score in P&G Supplier Environmental Scorecard

Developing its business activities in order to promote productive and cost saving methods and technologies, Elif gained another international success by being announced among the companies that earned the highest score possible in P&G Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard.

As a reward for its successful projects for sustainability, Elif is announced among the companies that earned the highest score possible in the Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard of the leading consumer product company P&G. Operating in about 80 countries with brands available in more than 180 countries worldwide, P&G touches and improves the lives of about 4.4 billion people around the world with its portfolio of trusted and quality brands. P&G encourages external business partners of the company on ways to reduce their environmental footprint with the scorecard as an aspect of a robust, productivity-driving sustainability effort across the company.

P&G designed the Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard (supplier scorecard) to improve the environmental footprint of P&G’s supply chain, fuel innovation, and encourage suppliers to make environmental improvements in their own supply chains. Elif earned the highest score possible in the scorecard measuring absolute or intensity improvements in nine key metrics including energy use, water use, waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions on a year-to-year basis. It also assesses P&G’s external business partners’ sustainability innovation ideas and promotes collaboration.

This score earned by Elif, within the context of the P&G’s Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard, stands out for the value given to the environment and the society by Elif and its commitment to sustainable development. Sustainable practice is an integral part of Elif’s corporate culture and, therefore, Elif will continue to invest in sustainable development with new initiatives and projects.