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Announcing our Worldstar 2023 Winners!

Announcing our Worldstar 2023 winners!

Huhtamaki received 4 recognitions in 3 categories in WorldStar Awards 2023 with our sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

♦ The High barrier Mono PE Pouch Solution – Food Category – Huhtamaki Flexibles Turkey
♠  ElifPCR – A Sustainable Post-Consumer Packaging Solution – Health & Personal Care Category - Huhtamaki Flexibles Turkey
♥ Huhtamaki Push Tab® blister lid – Packaging Materials & Components Category - Huhtamaki Flexibles Germany
♣ Paper-based soap wrappers – Health & Personal Care Category – Huhtamaki India
Our award-winning solutions are some of the latest innovations Huhtamaki introduced for sustainable flexible packaging applications. These prove that our offerings are part of the solution for future challenges. Therefore we are for shaping the sustainable future of everyday life.


ElifPCR - A Sustainable Post-Consumer Packaging Solution

Huhtamaki Flexibles Turkey has successfully produced 50% post-consumer recycled content containing PE bags for the feminine care products. ElifPCR reduces the need for new fossil-based plastics and protects the environment. Over 25% less greenhouse/carbon gas emissions than virgin resins. ElifPCR’s raw material has been produced in EuCertplast certificated production facility.


The High Barrier Mono PE Pouch Solution

Our one of the most recent innovations in mono-material pouches: A recyclable high-barrier mono PE pouch project using EB printed recyclable packaging, developed in collaboration with Sun Chemical. The solution provides EVOH-free high barrier, and it can be mechanically and chemically recycled where the relevant recycling streams exist.


Huhtamaki Push Tab® blister lid

Push Tab® blister lid is a first-to-market mono-PET blister lidding solution. Developed as a recyclable alternative to traditional blister packaging it is designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of regulated pharmaceutical packaging.

Awarded at the German Packaging Award 2022, the Push Tab® blister lid, together with kpNext™ R1 bottom rigid film, is a real plug-and-play solution, proven to run on existing blister packaging lines, without modifications or extra investment needed. 


Paper-based soap wrappers

Our award-winning Paper-based Soap Wrappers eliminate the usage of conventional PET-based wrappers and provide environment-friendly alternatives. This has considerably benefited our brand partner – Colgate-Palmolive (India) Ltd – to switch from non-recyclable PET/Paper/Hotmelt to a recyclable monolayer structure for their newly-launched Protex Bar Soap. Our offering is designed with FSC-certified paper and has a repulpability index of 80%, boosting recyclability and waste reduction.

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