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A storm of prizes for the sustainable holographic printing technology ElifHolo!

A new prestigious prize won by Elif... In the “Sustainability Awards” competition that was organised for the second time this year by Packaging Europe, one of the leading professional magazines of the European packaging industry, Elif was rewarded again in the field of sustainability.

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, distinguished itself once again in the “Sustainability Prizes” competition with the eco-friendly holographic printing technology ElifHolo. The event was organised for the second time this year by Packaging Europe which is able to reach an audience of hundreds of thousands everyday as of one of the leading professional magazines of the European packaging industry. Elif is proud to offer the optimum solution for its customers seeking differentiating and environmentally friendly packaging products with ElifHolo, which was awarded the “Golden Prize” and the “Excellence in Packaging Prize” in the Stars and Crescents of Packaging and World Star competitions respectively.

The ElifHolo technology developed by Elif makes three-dimensional and holographic prints possible for genuine packaging solutions that ensure high visual effects and prevent forgery. ElifHolo can be applied on most typical packaging materials including PE, PET, BOPP and aluminium, and it ensures significant cost reduction when compared to the existing holographic and three-dimensional printing systems. The new technology provides cold foil printing effect and UV application as well and contrary to the conventional high-cost holographic and three-dimensional printing systems, it does not require metal structure for holographic application, which in turn contributes to the recycling of packaging materials.

ElifHolo meets the expectations of brand owners by both providing visual effects that enhance the graphic design features of the packaging and creating brand harmony with the three-dimensional vivid imagery that causes sensual arousal of consumers.

The new technology developed by Elif helps its customers create an elite brand perception with three-dimensional effects, and ensures brand verification against forgery with holographic printing as well. Widespread commercial forgery has global adverse effects on brand reputation, brand loyalty and income, all of which increase the importance of holographic packaging with regards to the protection of brand reputation and loyalty.

Elif continues R&D studies in line with its B2B2C innovation approach and works constantly towards passing on a healthy future to the next generations by developing projects, technologies and systems that will prevent depletion of natural resources. Elif, whose leadership in the flexible packaging market is acknowledged for many times with the prizes awarded by leading international organisations of the industry, will continue to manufacture “Packaging for Life”.