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Elif at a Glance

Elif has a global reach, is a trusted partner worldwide and a global benchmark company for flexible packaging.

Elif is a global supplier of flexible packaging solutions for food, beverage, pet, home and personal care industries. Elif works relentlessly to create value in a spirit of leadership, through diversity and integrity and with a clear awareness of its responsibility.

50+ Countries
1600+ Co-Workers
50+ Awards
200+ Production Sites Supplied


We want to hear from you. Let us know your requirements so we can help you with the best solution suits your interest.


Elif is committed to create “Packaging for life” and develop innovative solutions driven by its B2B2C approach.


Sustainability is part of our DNA. Our offerings are part of the solution to future challenges.

Elif develops its business activities in order to promote productive, sustainable and cost saving methods and technologies.

Centering its business model around ‘Sustainable Packaging for Life’, Elif enables customers to reach their sustainability goals by providing continuous innovation and high quality standards.


The latest from Elif

Elif’s newest digital innovation is a web-based showroom featuring Elif’s tailor-made packaging solutions for four main business markets: Food & Beverage, Pet Care, Home Care, and Personal Care.

Premiere for Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions product range, high-quality printing capabilities, ElifHybr, and other innovations at upcoming industry Events

Elif announces its partnership with Digimarc, the platform that supports consumer brands and retailers as they move ‘’beyond the barcode’’ and modernize their operations with connected and sustainable packaging that promotes efficiency at every stage of the value chain.