Road to success, self-control with 5S!

Road to success,  self-control with 5S!

September 2017

Elif which has been developing in the global scale with horizontal and vertical expansions in order to achieve its global vision, in awareness of the great importance of preserving its brand’s quality and standards besides its services and products, has realised the ‘Başarıya giden yol, 5S otokontrol’ (Road to success,  self-control with 5S) project.

By means of “Road to success,  self-control with 5S” project which is a workplace organization that consists of five stages and is named after the initials of five Japanese words, Elif aims to implement, manage and ensure the sustainability of industrial order, neatness, and cleanness into the organisation in a systematic manner. Elif has announced the launch of this important project in September, by means of the launch meeting conducted with the participation of 700 employees.

By means of the 5S project to which the entire Elif family participated with high motivation, Elif is aiming to raise its organisation to the top level in simplicity, efficiency and quality fields by applying Sort-Set in Order-Shine-Standardize-Sustain systematic in all work areas. “Road to success,  self-control with 5S'' project, which is initiated in parallel with Egypt and Turkey operations, will spread within the organization in the presence of consultants for 1 year and will be supported with trainings, activities and campaigns.

 Being aware that 5S project does not only consist of a cleaning activity, Elif aims to prevent losses caused by workplace disorders such as lack of taking control at the operations easily, employees wasting time with searching materials and tools, giving too much or too little raw material orders, occupational accidents and lack of using the factory space effectively.

Producing "Packaging for Life", Elif works constantly to create value, in a spirit of leadership, with a clear awareness of its responsibilities, honesty that is its indispensable value and diversity that is the source of intellectual and cultural richness. Currently, it has been conducting successful businesses in line with these values with all of its employees and business partners and continuing to strengthen the perception of the brand with new projects, as an accountable and honest leader creating value and getting strength from diversity. “Road to success,  self-control with 5S'' project will be one of the key building blocks that will enable Elif to accelerate on this road and proceed with solid steps.


About Elif:

With its headquarters located in Turkey, Elif's multi-geographical production network and international operation network are strategically structured to provide its customers with localized global service and supply flexibility. Elif offers the highest quality products and a unique service specially developed for the different needs of different customers, thanks to its scientifically conducted cooperation and innovation. Serving many domestic and foreign big brands, Elif exports more than half of its production to 50 different countries of the world.

Elif will offer excellent products and services also in the future with its customers, suppliers, professional human resources and with the synergy and dynamism created by its innovative management. Being a SEDEX member since 2010, Elif has signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2012.

Since 1995, Elif has been listed on the ISO 500 list that is the 'Turkey's 500 Great Industrial Establishments'. Elif has been entitled to ISO/IEC  27001 Information Security Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management and BRC/IoP Food Packaging and Other Packaging Materials Global Packaging Standard certifications and it has been awarded with various awards by many multinational companies such as , P&G, Coca Cola, Ontex and İpek Kağıt.



About 5S:


By creating more organized, neater and cleaner work areas,

•  To reduce costs,

•  To increase efficiency,

•  To increase quality,

•  To reduce job accidents, increase job safety,

•  To facilitate workplace control

•  To increase the compliance with deadlines,

•  To reduce waste and losses,

•  To ensure effective use of production premises and facilities

•  To reduce accidents,

•  To reduce product, mould, type replacement duration,

•  To control the location of machinery, equipment, materials and stocks,

•  To increase the motivation of employees with a cleaner, tidier and safer working environment.



1.     Seiri – Sort

·         Group everything around you as necessary and unnecessary.

·         Remove the unnecessary ones away from the work area.

·         If you are in dilemma, that means it is unnecessary, remove it away.

·         Keep in the work area only the ones you need.


2.     Seiton - Set In Order

·         Organize everything you need to use them easily.

·         Group similar items under a heading.

·         Alphabetical, by their numbers, by years, etc.

·         Reduce complexity with visual control.

·         Use visual codes such as colour, icon, etc.

·         Everything around you must have a place.

·         Make sure that everything around you is in place!


3.     Seiso -Shine

·         Keep your machine, table, and environment clean, do cleaning daily.

·         Prevent pollution rather than cleaning, do not pollute.

·         At the end of the day, check that everything is in place and orderly.

·         Identify the factors that have disrupted the order and take precautions accordingly.

·         Be organized and neat at all times!


4.     Seiketsu - Standardize

·         Always work with cleanliness, order and discipline.

·         Standardize general processes and applications.

·         In order to complete a job or task successfully

          document the best method with its phases.

·         Know job descriptions and do any task in the same manner as always.

·         Always research to develop and improve.

·         Participate in works, take responsibility. The machine and the job is your, own them!


5.     Shitsuke - Sustain

·         Take time for 5S each day.

·         Make suggestions, make contributions to the work.

·         Undertake the task, do it on time.

·         Follow the action plan.

·         Check the check list every day.

·         Keep success sustainable!